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10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

With the popularity of digital marketing on the rise, many businesses are investigating how social media can help them promote their products and services to potential and existing customers. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are currently the top social media sites businesses use. While businesses debate whether social media will improve their bottom lines, there are a variety of advantages.

If you’re among the business owners or executives who got interested in social media marketing because of its potential to deliver new customers, you may be overlooking some important benefits of social media marketing. Overlooking these benefits can be a problem because it usually takes time to build your social media presence to the point that you can link it reliably to sales.

These benefits, however, often kick in before your numbers show a direct sales return on your social media marketing investment – and they can be valuable enough to offset the costs involved in growing your social media presence over the long term.

For instance, have you thought about the power of getting instant feedback from your social media community? You can find out almost instantly what challenges they face in using your products, what they like and don’t like about your products, your policies, and even your staff. An ongoing dialogue with real people, conducted in near real-time, can be more valuable than any kind of paid market research. Here are a few benefits of the social media marketing that can tremendously help your business in the long run.

Provides greater customer engagement

Even companies that maintain a high level of customer service through email and call centers cannot afford to neglect social media. The best customer service results when companies make a concerted effort to communicate with customers using the medium that they prefer. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about a full range of social media platforms. As a result, they are asking questions of the companies they do business with and publicly discussing their experiences with those brands.

Consumers consistently cite the quality of the assistance they receive online as a major factor influencing their continued engagement with a business. The level of receptivity that a company demonstrates through timely and direct engagement with its customers can go a long way toward convincing them that the company cares about their needs.

Helps build a bond of trust with your customer base

Helps build a bond of trust with your customer base


Very few people trust the internet with thousands of shady businesses and ads constantly bombarding us. Creating brand trust is invaluable for online success and social media can help create that.

Social media gives you the chance to interact and engage with users, whereas a static website can’t. On average 63% of people will engage with a brand if they have found out more about them through social media.

Is cost-effective

Is cost-effective


Social media marketing turns out to be a very cost-effective tool to introduce your products and services in the marketplace, especially for digital startups and SMEs. Either you are posting promotional offers on Facebook, uploading a pin on Pinterest, or using LinkedIn to make contacts, it doesn’t cost you anything. The only thing that you spend here is your time and creativity.

Not only this, in the advanced stages of startups, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow their users to advertise their products through promotional campaigns. When you compare these platforms to traditional marketing channels (ATL, offline advertisement, etc.), the cost required to reach a specific audience is much less for social media.

Helps with Search Engine Ranking

Helps with Search Engine Ranking


While a social media page does not exactly improve search rankings, the page will certainly get you more traffic. More people use Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing or other search engines to find products or services online. If your business has a social media listing, chances are, it will appear among the top search results of a related product or service, leading to wider visibility. Search engine optimization tools are another attractive option due to their ability to drive more traffic to company websites and achieving higher search rankings on the same.

Tremendously increases inbound traffic

If you do not market your brand on Social Media, the inbound traffic is limited to your usual customers. Only people who know your brand and are familiar with it will search for the keywords you are ranking for. If you want to reach out to new consumers who are outside your loyal customer circle, then Social Media Marketing is a necessity.

Social Media is a melting pot of various types of people with different backgrounds and behaviors. Posting your content on these platforms allows these individuals to reach your business organically.

By marketing on social media, you can effectively open your business to a wider variety of versatile consumers across the globe. Every social media profile visit that you get works as a gateway to your website and every piece of content you post is one more opportunity to acquire a new customer.

Easy to analyze

With social media, it is quite easy and fast for a business to measure how well or poorly it did in its marketing campaigns. Social media platforms provide actual and real-time numbers of people engaging with your communication. You can get numbers of how many people responded to your call and clicked through or liked your post.

Other marketing and advertising methods such as TV or billboards inherently have this limitation. You cannot accurately tell how many people watched an advertisement on TV.

Helps you connect through multichannel campaigns

Helps you connect through multichannel campaigns


Buyers today move quickly between channels – from website to social to email back to social again. While social media is impactful on its own, it is made more powerful by becoming an integrated part of your marketing initiatives and strategy. Social media messages support and reinforce your message on other channels and provide you with another opportunity to reach your audience where they are, no matter where that might be.

Keeps displaying your ad to interested customers

Retargeting is a wonderful tool for social media marketing. Generally, only 2% of customers will purchase something during their first visit to your site. Advertising can help reach that other 98%.

One way to do that is to run retargeting ads. Retargeting works by keeping a list of people who visit your site and placing anonymous “cookies” within their browser. When they visit a social media site, a retargeting service then displays the ads. This allows for your business to be in the eyes of the customer beyond just when they’re on your site.

There are some great retargeting tools out there that are easy to use. Check out those tools and find one that works for you. Use them to promote your product. But remember not to annoy your customer.

Is convenient and instantaneous

Whether you’re advertising in a magazine or on a website, you may have to wait weeks or months before your advertisement can run in the publication. With social media, you can announce a sale or special event as soon you finalize plans. Social media gives business owners the ability to share information, such as blog posts, tips and ideas, and coupons instantly.

Enhances brand image

Enhances brand image


One of the benefits of social media marketing that cannot be undermined is that it helps to build your brand image in a way that develops customer loyalty. Startups and SMEs do not have sufficient funds to market their products in the highly competitive market; this is where social media marketing comes into play.

Dedicating a few hours to sharing your page with friends and families can help to improve visibility and create brand awareness. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram allow you to share attractive images and videos of your products to get an impactful response from customers. A good review of your product on these platforms can help you reach out to customers beyond geographical locations and build your strong customer base.

Businesses can derive a lot of gain from social media. Marketing on social media is cheap and enables direct and quick communication between businesses and customers. If social media is difficult for you, you can outsource the task to professional marketing agencies that help businesses in this area.

Whether you are a graduate or a professional who wants to switch his/ her career, digital marketing has immense potential, which you can take advantage of heavily and enjoy being one of the best online marketing professionals in 2020. To become a seasoned digital marketer and learn more about digital marketing strategies, visit us at


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