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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities And Salaries

Digital Marketing is one of the most skyrocketing careers at this point in time. Everything is about marketing. Those who don’t work in marketing collaborate with marketing or have a product or service they work on that needs to get marketed to reach their target audience’s eyes. So, you see, marketing is literally everywhere!

If you’re fresh out of college and are looking for a booming career that won’t die pout or become obsolete in a few years marketing is just the career for you. We are going to tell you how you can start your digital journey and take you through each function and role in marketing so you can decide for yourself which best suits your unique talents and abilities. And just FYI everyone can find a place in marketing whether you have a creative brain, analytical brain or any other strong suit, you are sure to find a spot in marketing.

Let’s first understand what the benefits of working in marketing are.


1. You will always have a job that’s in demand

Have you heard of the digital skills gap? It refers to the increase in digital marketing Jobs with not many people qualified to do these jobs. Being in an industry where the jobs are ever-growing and your skills are in demand is always a great career move.

Jobs that are digital are always going to be in great demand since everything in the world is turning digital, from books to newspapers, shopping, and even marketing/advertising.

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2. You will have more career options

Like I mentioned earlier, marketing has a place for everyone and everyone can figure out how you can start your digital journey and earn those big bucks. Digital Marketing isn’t just limited to one area of work but its spread over many functions, roles and activities across the web. So, marketers can afford to be picky about their jobs and find a job that truly suits them.

Picture for career options in digital marketing and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


3. Work on a higher pay scale than your peers

It’s not a secret that marketers get paid at a much higher pay scale than their peers because of the demand that every marketing job has. Since your job is in such demand you are in a position to negotiate with your salary and ask for a much higher package – this is a luxury that most other jobs don’t have.

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4. It’s easier to kickstart your career

The marketing field gives a much greater emphasis on skill and talent compared to a degree or education and that gives an amazing opportunity to anyone to join the marketing world irrespective of their educational background.

The advantage for anyone who wants to pursue a career in marketing can build their own portfolio with their experience. You can do a lot apart from your portfolio to gain an employer’s attention too. You can build your own followers on social media try out your marketing skills on your own personal branding and use that as an example to show your employers what you can do – this will help you create a greater impression on your employer.

5. You get to be an agile and versatile Professional

The thing about choosing a career in marketing is that you don’t need to stick with it all your life. You can easily switch between different fields in marketing with just a little training and upskilling yourself. In this way you will have more than one marketing skill sets that will make you more versatile and knowledgeable, which will in turn increase your demand.

6. You work with different people everyday

Marketing has so many segregations within its departments and so many other activities that need collaborations with other departments in the company. This allows marketers to interact with different people in different disciplines, departments and with so many versatile talents and skill sets – it’s part of what makes the whole job feel like so much fun.

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7. You can get your creative juices flowing

Marketing without creativity is a wasted effort in today’s world. Marketers today are said to be one of the smartest minds in the world. Keeping up with the rapidly changing trends and making the most of even the craziest situations is not an easy job and that’s exactly what keeps people on their toes.

In a world flooded with content you need to think of how you’re going to make your content stick out and grab some eyeballs. That is the constant adventure that the field of marketing offers to anyone who wants to take it.

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Picture for product marketing and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


A product marketer handles how a product is positioned in the market in front of the target audience. Their job includes finalising the messaging for new products and features keeping in mind the existing and potential customers. They decide how the sales and marketing teams will promote the product.

a. Product Marketing Specialist
Average Pay: $ 69,000
Experience: 2-5+ years

A product Marketing specialist should have good communication skills, both verbal and written. They should be detail-oriented, analytical thinkers, and should be able to multitask.

Their key responsibility areas would be to conduct competitor research, write and create product marketing collateral, understand customer insights to make the brand communication better and collaborate with the technical and sales teams to build product roadmaps.

b. Product Marketing Manager
Average Pay: $113,200
Experience: 3-5+ years

A product marketing manager needs to be efficient and meet deadlines, along with having great organisational and program management skills.

Their most important role in marketing is to be able to develop communication tools and collateral to promote new products or features to existing and potential customers. They need to fully understand and stay updated with customer purchase behaviors and understand a brand’s customer profile.

Their job also includes providing sales and marketing with the communication messaging that are necessary to build a brand language.

c. Director of Product Marketing
Average Pay: $ 167,000
Experience: 7-10+ years

A person who is hired to work at this position must have excellent and fluent verbal and written skills. They should be able to handle multiple projects, multitask on many levels, and be a great leader who can work under immense pressure.

They are responsible to build, track, and measure KPI’s; understand the product, and know its implementation. They are also responsible to see constant product innovations to better drive business decisions.


Picture for content marketing and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


Content is king, It’s true. Content sells more than blatant advertising can ever sell. Which is why we need this department to oversee the content generation aspect of marketing and come up with new and innovative content to make a brand stick in its audiences’ mind.

a. Content Marketing Specialist
Average Pay: $ 50,000
Experience: 1-3+ years

A Content Marketing specialist should have good communication and grammatical skills. They should be able to understand different styles and tones and should be able to meet deadlines and build content with some background knowledge in SEO.

Their key responsibility areas will be to conceptualise and pitch ideas for blog content, print and digital communications. Another job under their purview will be writing for landing pages, product pages, white papers, newsletters, social media campaigns, and other content-related collateral.

b. Content marketing Manager
Average Pay: $ 66,000
Experience: 3-7+ Years

A content marketing manager needs to have excellent communication, grammatical, and managerial skills. They will need to Coordinate and manage an in-house and freelance team of writers and marketers and be able to generate topics for blogs and content marketing videos.

They need to understand SEO and do their keyword research. Then come up with relevant and trending blog topics that can get the brand to the limelight. They then need to collaborate with designers, product marketers and the sales team to plan and execute the content needed to market a brand.


Picture for Social Media Marketing and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


Social media is all about building an audience for a brand. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have people coming to them like bees to a honeycomb. This is why it is so important to tap into social media to reach out to your target audience.

a. Social Media Coordinator/ Specialist
Average Pay: $ 49,000
Experience: 1-3+ years

A social media specialist is someone who is familiar with the social media practices on all the social media platforms like Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. They also need to know about social media management tools.

Their job constitutes building and maintaining an editorial calendar for all relevant channels, engaging with the audience, online reputation management, maintaining a clear and consistent voice for the brand, monitoring and reporting on social media campaigns, promoting the website and blogs.

b. Social Media Manager
Average Pay: $ 54,200
Experience: 3-5+ years

A social media manager needs to have an all-round knowledge of all the aspects and departments that come together to make a social media marketing plan a success. This includes basic knowledge of design software like Adobe, SEO basics, paid and organic social media promotions, expertise in contests, reporting, analytics, influencers, community management and events.

Their job entails developing comprehensive social media marketing campaign strategies; creating a detailed roadmap for social media campaigns; collaborating content, products and sales to determine social messaging; setting standards and social engagement rules and keeping up with the changing trends and technologies.

c. Social Media Influencer
Average Pay: $ 300 per post
Qualifications: 1k – 100k + followers

The most important skill a social media influencer needs to have is to be completely relatable to their audience while adding some kind of value to their life. The main job of a social media influencer is to be able to garner as many followers for themselves and create as much buzz around themselves as possible.

Their job revolves around accomplishing the goal I’ve mentioned above. It involves developing comprehensive social strategies, Creating detailed roadmaps for social media platforms and executing them and collaborating with other influencers and brands to create and promote content and products.


Picture for a job in designing and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


The design team consists of all of the departments that create graphics, images, videos, website design, brand stationary designs, and everything that creates a brand’s identity and navigating a website.

a. Visual Designer
Average Pay: $74,100
Experience: 1-5+ Years

I think it’s obvious that a visual designer needs to be a pro in design softwares like Adobe. They also know basics of certain web development tools and languages. And they need to be able to use all their talents to build provocative storytelling campaigns for brands.

They are responsible for creating consumer touch points across different channels, deliver pixel-perfect graphic creatives, providing creative solutions for business objectives and issues, designing digital materials, reports, landing pages, emails, banners, ad creative, etc.

b. UX / UI Designer
Average Pay: $ 97,500
Experience: 3-5+ years

UX stands for user experience and UI stands for user interface. A UI /UX designer is responsible to build, develop and maintain the wireframe and other UI/UX artifacts. The need to work closely with users, product managers, marketing and engineering to ensure the best possible user experience. They need to be able to make pragmatic proposals for improvements and define an interaction model for new and existing products.

c. Creative Director
Average Pay: $ 133,800
Experience: 7-10+ years

A creative director’s greatest asset needs to be their creativity. They need to be strong, flexible thinkers with a vision and imagination that drives innovative ideas and campaigns to fruition. They need to have demonstrated experience in leading building and growing teams.

They also need to be able to navigate complex issues and come up with relevant solutions considering individual talents and strengths. Developing innovative ideas is the core of their job and leading a brand forward creatively is what they do best.

5. SEO

SEO is the number one full proof way to increase your website traffic. It can be done with both paid and unpaid methods. All SEO activities need to consider the quality of the content as well whether the search engine will be able to understand your content in a way that will give you optimum results for your website.

a. SEO Specialists
Average Pay: $ 50,500
Experience: 1-3+ years

An SEO specialist needs to know how to operate SEO tools that are very important for them to analyse and come up with the best SEO strategy for a brand. They need to have an analytical mind to build successful strategies and understand SEO metrics.

Their main role is to support development and content teams understand how they can optimise their projects, how they can develop and maintain framework, strategize on link building plans and report blog and site traffic.

b. SEO Manager
Average Pay: $ 68,500
Experience: 5+ years

An SEO manager needs to have a very analytical mind and a demonstrated experience of working cross-functionally and collaborating with other departments. They also need to have experience in keyword and data mining tools and competitive analysis.

They need to be able to work on-page off-page and ensure technical SEO plans are implemented. They need to assist and help monitor social media content and identify SEO trends and insights.


Picture for web development and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


There are 3 parts of web development first, the front-end web developer where the user interacts with the website. Second, the back-end developers who work on the technology and power that power the user-facing part of the website. Third, full-stack developers who are equipped to handle both.

a. Front End Web Developer
Average Pay: $88,000
Experience: 3-5+ Years

Front end developers need to be fluent in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. They need to understand and write code perfectly.

They need to work closely with designers and UI/UI analysts, product, content, and engineering teams to facilitate QA testing.

b. Back End Web Developer
Average Pay: $88,500
Experience: 3-5+ years

Backend Web developers need to have a Fluency in server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and .Net; fluency in data tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server; experience with PHP frameworks like Zend, Symfony, and CakePHP; experience with version control software like SVN, CVS, or Git; experience with Linux as a development and deployment system.

They are responsible to create and contribute to web applications with clean, portable, well documented code, architect technology according to business stakeholders, design and develop scalable software.


Picture for marketing analytics and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


The job of someone is marketing analytics is to basically evaluate the performance of all marketing strategies, across social and content platforms. They do this by going through massive amounts of data and later use this information to optimise marketing strategies.

a. Marketing Analyst
Basic Pay: $62,800
Experience: 2-4 years

A person working in this role needs to love numbers and have a logical mind. They need to be able to have strong attention to detail, have statistical experience and be able to work with analytical tools.

Their job requires them to design, conduct, and interpret the results of the analytics from various sources across the paid and unpaid marketing channels. They also need to be able to work cross-functionally to identify marketing optimization opportunities.


Picture of ecommerce business and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


E-commerce basically means when a brand uses their websites to transact money in exchange for some product or service of value to the buyer. In short, it’s online shopping.

a. Ecommerce Manager
Average Pay: $75,300
Experience: 3-5+years

A person who is organised, analytical, has strong market knowledge and has strong technical skills is perfect for this job.

Their job would entail managing an existing team and increasing the workforce when necessary, making plans for e-marketing expenditures, developing a financial plan for the brand to follow through, making and evaluating KPI’s, monitoring trends and identifying areas of opportunity. They also need to manage and coordinate with the vendors, buyers and sellers when necessary.

b. Ecommerce Director
Average Pay: $112,300
Experience: 7+Years

A person working in this role needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They need to be able to efficiently multitask and need to have experience in hiring talent for the team and working cross functionally across marketing departments.

Their job involves leading the development of e-commerce strategies keeping in mind lead generation, customer engagement and customer experience in mind. They need to help the brand look at themselves from the customers point of view to make the shopping experience more shopping friendly. They also need to be able to analyse and interpret Ecommerce analytics data.


Picture of customer acquisition and topic is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities & Salaries


Customer acquisition deals with getting new clients for your brand and helping them become loyal customers over time. It helps generate demand for your brand and drives sales-qualified leads.

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a. Digital Marketing Specialist
Average Pay: $ 67,200
Experience: 2-3 years

A digital marketing specialist needs to be fluent in AdWords, Facebook Ad Manager, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and/or Bing Ads. They also need to have good knowledge of the best SEO Practices.
Their job requires them to closely monitor accounts based on the plans and strategies that were predetermined. They also need to assist in digital programs, perform competitive analysis and monitor industry trends and apply them to these accounts.

b. Acquisition Marketing Manager
Average Pay: $ 80,000
Experience: 5+ years

The qualifications and skills that an acquisition marketing manager is much like that of a Digital Marketing Specialist. Except for one distinct addition – They also need to understand Performance based concepts like ROI and CPA.

Their Job requires them to plan and successfully manage channel budgets, develop a regular reporting on performance, Analyse campaign performance data, lead testing for creative ads and other points in the purchasing funnel.

c. Director of Acquisition Marketing / Demand Generation
Average Pay: $116,000
Experience: 8+ years

They need to have a strong demonstrated experience in analytics tools and web testing tools, and need to have a logical mind with strong analytical skills.

Their job involves mentoring a team of acquisition marketing specialists, measuring and reporting KPI’s, Evaluating and recommending different ideas for performance media channels.

You need to figure out what is your strength and choose a field that will help you succeed in marketing. If you have any questions for us, let us know in the comments below and we would love to hear from you!

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