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Top 10 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital marketing affects every person today, whether they realise it or not. It’s quite literally the axis of marketing today. It is also one of the few jobs today that satisfy both your creative side and financial needs. In this blog we are going to talk about the Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in India. Working in marketing is a dream to many millennials today, and rightly so. We are going to talk about the advantages of working in marketing today before we cover the highest paying digital marketing jobs.

Here is a list of top 10 high paying digital marketing jobs in India

1. Digital Media Manager

The job of a digital media manager includes creating brand strategies for various brands and deciding multi-channel campaigns for brands and their products and services. They decide what a brand’s messaging should be and what communication channels would be the best to help them reach their target audience.

First, they need to audit what the marketing strength of the company is and how they can market their clients cost-effectively while achieving the marketing goals. Then they use different channels like Google display ads, pay-per-click ads, website/blog, online reviews, social media presence, etc to bring their campaign to life, create brand awareness and reach their target audience.

The main goal of a digital media manager is to make lead generation and customer acquisition as seamless and efficient as possible. A person who is good at tracking progress and predicting results while keeping a close eye on consumer behaviour patterns is ideal for this job.

2. Pay Per Click Manager

PPC managers use begetting to enhance the performance of ads and campaigns. The different tools they use are keyword selection, copy improvement, search strategies etc. They generate leads for the brands by handling different kinds of paid ads and search engine ads like Google display ads and Bing ads etc. This is one of the highest salary digital marketing jobs in India right now.

The average annual salary for a PPC manager is 10.5 lakhs annually.

3. SEO / SEM Specialists

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing specialists use techniques like pay per click and search advertising to ensure their clients rank higher on the search engine results page when a search query is entered on a search engine. It’s high in demand since every brand wants to appear in the top results of a search engine results page.

The Annual Salary of a SEO/SEM specialist is anywhere between 3.5 – 9.7 lakhs.

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4. Content Strategists

content Strategists highest paying digital marketing jobs in india

Have you heard of the phrase “Content is King”? It’s content strategists who make it so. We live in a world where there is a flood of content and clutter on the web, filled with brands trying to stand out and build a reputation for themselves through the content they generate. Since people have such a short attention span getting noticed by people makes it that much harder.

This is why this is one of the Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs in India. They need to think of well thought out innovative ideas that will grab their target audience’s attention and help brands get the much-needed visibility they need and desire.

Some of the work a content strategist undertakes is conducting content audits, creating style guides to build brand identity, Populating event and content calendars, curating and generating high level content and building a compelling copy for their brands.

A content strategist can earn an annual salary close to 7 lakhs.

5. E-commerce specialists

E-commerce has become a great avenue for retailers to sell their products, without having to spend additionally on a physical space. This makes it convenient and cost effective for them to build their businesses.

Even those retailers who previously favoured having their own retail stores now have to rethink for themselves, in the pace of the whole covid crisis.

The job of an Ecommerce specialist requires them to optimise their pages with buttons and description of each individual product. They also have to keep in mind the customer experience and increase conversions while collaborating with the sales and marketing teams to set targets for lead generation and sales.

The annual salary for an e-commerce specialist starts from 3 lakhs onwards.

6. Brand Marketing Experts

It is becoming extremely essential to invest time in digital brand building in today’s world. Negative reviews and poor customer service can drastically damage your company’s reputation. Brands therefore need to take it seriously. This is why its important for brands to build opportunities for engagement and storytelling, so that their target audience can understand what the brand stands for and relate to it better.

It’s the job of a Brand Marketing Expert to make evoke emotion in the mind of its audience for itself and make
themselves a trustworthy brand.

They earn about 10.7 lakhs annually.

7. Social Media Experts

social media experts highest paying digital marketing jobs in india

The basic goal of a social media expert is to create content for different social media platforms in a way that promotes a brand, drives engagement and creates relatable value-added content. Performing well on social media also tends to boost website traffic, which is why many companies now prefer having their own social media expert to carry out this function.

Social Media Experts earn about 3.5 lakhs annually.

8. Digital Project Managers

Digital project managers are in charge of making sure an entire project works smoothly, right from planning to execution. Being effective in communication and having excellent time-management skills are very important for a Digital Project manager. They need to set goals and timelines, be organised and have good “people skills”.

They earn about 12 lakhs annually.

9. Marketing Analysts

Marketing analyse all the marketing efforts carried out by a brand based on the results from tools. They measure both organic and paid efforts and help highlight what is working for the brand and what isn’t. This helps a brand tweak its marketing strategy for optimum results. A person Who wants to do this job should have strong analytical skills and should be great with quantitative measurements and statistics.

Their annual salary is 4.6 lakhs

10. Visual Designers

The visual appeal of a brand is extremely important today. People are more visual and tend to remember messages more in a visual format than any other format. Which is why the need for graphic and video designers is so high.
Their job is to create creatives and visuals that will attract the audience in a positive way. Across several different platforms and formats, like websites, different social media platforms, landing pages, Ads, emailers, etc.

They earn about 6 to 12 lakhs depending on their skill level and experience.

Advantages of  working in digital marketing

1. You don’t need a specific education

The best part about pursuing a career in digital marketing is that there isn’t really any need for you to consider your educational background. Most educational systems in India don’t really have a dedicated curriculum for digital marketing and this makes it easy for students from any educational background to pursue this field. Most marketers learn the skills and techniques required for digital marketing on the job. This is actually a great benefit, because it’s a very practical based field and just theoretical learning will provide very little to no advantage to your career.

2. There is a lot of demand for digital marketers

Marketing is so integrated in people’s lives today that it literally makes the world go round. So naturally the demand for marketers is huge. Even when the pandemic hit the world in 2020, marketers so rarely lost jobs. In fact, since most brands solely focused on digital marketing during this time, the demand for digital marketers shot up even higher.

Since the start-up culture is thriving, the founders of these start-up’s want to make their brands stand out within their niche and grab their audience’s eyeballs. And how do they do that? They either hire a marketing agency to help them or they form their internal marketing team. Either ways the need for marketers never diminishes.

3. Short term training courses

Many online educational institutes offer digital marketing courses. Some of them are dedicated to specific roles in the digital marketing field, and the others mostly provide an overview of the marketing field in general. There are many institutes that provide worldwide recognised certificates and industry leaders as mentors, so that you get an insiders perspective on digital marketing. One such reputed institute that provides up to 5 certifications and a holistic approach to marketing is Goal2Learn. If you’re looking to educate yourself in digital marketing, Goal2Learn’s courses are something you should think of enrolling in.

4. Creative freedom

Marketers are out of the box thinkers that need to present their clients to their target audience in ways that are out of the ordinary. Which means it allows them a lot of creative freedom to explore and build strategies that enhance the way people look at these brands.

5. It’s an evolving market

The field of marketing is ever growing and evolving, with no sign of it slowing down any time soon. It’s an exciting and ever-changing world that keeps digital marketers on their toes constantly. The trends and features that constantly resurface demands that marketers are constantly alert, creative and opportunistic. This takes away the boredom and mundanity from a marketer’s life.

6. It’s skill driven

The marketing world is broadly skill driven. It demands that the people are really good at what they do. The creative and innovative thinking skills needed in marketing are of utmost importance. Whether it is building relatable content, or working out SEO and SEM for a brand, or any of the other zillion areas of work in digital marketing.

7. Diverse career paths

diverse career paths in digital marketing

Marketing is very diverse in nature. Just one person will not be able to look into every area of marketing just because of how vast this world is. Just listing all the jobs in marketing will show you how enormous it is. From Copywriting to UI designing, SEO work, Website designing, social media marketing, Analytics, Video and graphic designers, and so much more.

Besides, almost every sector in the world needs a digital marketer so the opportunities are virtually endless.

8. Entrepreneurship and freelance opportunities

Many people have built their own digital marketing agencies from scratch and many work as digital marketing freelancers. It’s a great way to fly solo, because it doesn’t really cost very much and once you know the ins and outs of digital marketing you will start getting intuitive about it.

Learning digital marketing will help you promote your brand cost-effectively and directly to your target audience. You can then later track your own progress and make changes to your marketing strategies based on the results from the analytics tools.

The added benefit of working as a freelancer is you can work from the comfort of your home. All you would need is a laptop and a great internet connection and you will be able to build a profitable business right from home.

9. Better job security

Like we have already discussed that the demand for digital marketers is very high, this helps you have better job security, even if the world shuts down like it did during the Covid – Pandemic. Some experts have gone as far as to say that a career in Digital Marketing is “Recession-Proof”!

10. Good salary packages

Good salary packages in digital marketing job

Here is what you all really came here for – The Money!

Well, let me tell you a career in digital marketing can really pay a lot, if you really have the talent and skill for it. Since the demand for digital marketers is high and the supply is low, you can always negotiate when discussing your remuneration and get a high salary.

It takes a lot of time and experience to build a notable career in digital marketing. That being said, marketing can pay you well once you’ve learnt the skill sets needed and have proved to be an asset to the world of Marketing.


If you’re looking for a job that will always be in demand and will ensure you a good salary package Digital Marketing is the field you should choose.

Digital Marketing is a very diverse field that needs all kinds of talents both analytical, creative, managerial and the ability to predict how a marketing campaign will unfold. So no matter what your strengths are you will find a job for you in digital marketing

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