How To Create Instagram Reels


[2021] How To Create Instagram Reels in 7 Easy Steps

What are Instagram Reels?

With Reels, Instagram users can record and edit together 15-second video clips and share them to their Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on their profile. The Reels section of the updated Explore feed is Instagram’s version of Tik Tok For You page. This is where public Reels are shown to users based on who you follow, what’s trending, other Reels you’ve engaged with, your location, along with other data. In addition to these public Reels, you’ll also see Reels from the accounts that you follow directions.

What are Instagram Reels

Most importantly, whereas video posts on Instagram used to appear twice as large on the Explore page as image posts, Reels now take up over half of the page, further incentivizing users to create Reels as a way of growing their audience.

Some of the Reels in your Explore feed will have a “Featured” label above the caption. According to Instagram, this indicates public Reels that are being highlighted to show creative use cases. If your content is selected as featured, you will receive a notification letting you know.

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Where to find Reels?

Reels have a dedicated button beside the home button on Instagram. Before, Reels were scattered throughout the Explore tab on the IG app. To see Reels in general, tap the option besides the home button or tap any video on the Explore tab that has the Reels clapboard icon on it and swipe up to move to different videos in the public feed.

Why should a business utilise Instagram Reels?

Why should a business utilise Instagram Reels


If Instagram creates it, you need to use it. Instagram is pushing out quality Reels content, making it the perfect chance for your ideal audience to find and follow you.

  • Reels presents a huge opportunity to go viral and increase your brand awareness. Here’s the comparison:
  • Stories disappear after 24 hours and highlights are difficult to navigate.
  • Posts attain their maximum viewer reach usually within approximately 24 hours.
  • But reels are continually discoverable for weeks based on popularity.
  • Like IGTV they are stored in a visual library easily accessible from everyone’s home page.

People are moving faster and faster. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever. Reels have a high entertainment value and quick delivery, making them easy and exciting to consume.

Similar to TikTok, users can select music from the Instagram library or use their own original audio in their Reels. Now, if you want to try out Instagram’s latest Reel features you can use this article as a reference. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to use Instagram Reels.

Here are The 7 Easy Steps To Create Your First Instagram Reels

1. Create your content

Create your content


Reels lets you record your own video or upload a video from your gallery. You also have the option to mix and match between recorded videos and videos from your Gallery. To upload a video from your Gallery, swipe up and select the video. You can also tap the Gallery button in the bottom left corner. To record a fresh video, just hit the record button at the bottom. You can record multiple clips, as long as they don’t exceed the 15-second limit.

Take note that If you have used the speed setting while recording, simply record your video normally. The app will automatically slow it down after. To learn digital marketing course join our digital marketing training institute in mumbai.

2. Be sure to add effects

Be sure to add effects


You can bring your reels to life with added animations. While Instagram provides you with basic editing tools you can easily add-in many of your own and upload your own video clips. You can edit your videos or images using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, or Final Cut to name a few.

Some great templates to check out to use for your IG reels can be found here. They are easy to use and even those who have no editing experience will be able to drag and drop into the pre-made templates and files. Once you’re done editing you can upload it to your IG Reels from your camera roll.

To add your own video clips go into the reels option on your IG stories. Then swipe up so you can access your camera roll. Once you find your clip in your camera roll tap on it, then you can choose what part of the video you want to use (if it is longer than 15 seconds) then click on the checkmark. Now you can add audio and other elements just as you would to a traditional IG story.

3. Add music to your Instagram Reels

Add music to your Instagram Reels


Reels has its own library of music to choose from to add to your video. Of course, you could always just use your original sound instead. You can add music before recording a video or after. If you are recording a dance sequence, it makes more sense to add music before you record your clip.

To add music to your Reels video, tap the music icon in the left panel. This will bring up the Instagram music library. You can use the search bar at the top to find your favourite song.

Tap the song to enter the editor. You can now adjust which portion of the song you would like to use. Move the slider around till the lyrics line up perfectly with what you want. Tap ‘Done’ to add the audio.

It’s necessary to note that If you have used the speed setting while recording with audio, you will notice a change in the song’s playback speed. If you speed up the video, you will notice that the music slows down during recording. But don’t worry. During playback, your music will be at normal (1x) speed, while your video will be sped up.

4. Make use of AR filters

Make use of AR filters


AR filters are augmented reality filters or computer-generated graphics that superimpose. These filters are added to the foreground or background of your original image, like the sunglass filters that make it look like you are wearing sunglasses. Before, these filters couldn’t be easily created and added to your stories, aside from the ones provided in the IG effects. Now, you can create your own.

Using an app like Spark AR Studios you can create customized AR effects to use on any of your IG reels. The best thing is that you don’t need to know how to code yourself, they provide plenty of tutorials to get you started so you can create face tracking effects and much more.

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5. Build trust by posting behind-the-scenes content

Build trust by posting behind the scenes content


Authenticity is always something to strive for in social media and behind-the-scenes content is one of the best ways to be authentic.

Your followers will appreciate special access, so consider sharing sneak peeks of upcoming product lines, new in-progress locations, your creative process, or what it’s like on a photo or video shoot. These 15-second, non-staged, windows into your brand can help build excitement and deepen the relationship with your followers.

6. Showcase your products and services

Instagram Reels is a huge opportunity for brands and businesses looking to drive awareness and sales from the platform. Instagram’s Adam Mosseri recently announced that Instagram Reels are now shoppable. This means businesses can showcase products and tag them directly. This is major.

Showcase products as creatively as you want and within 3-clicks, users can actually purchase your products straight from the video! If a user is interested, they can tap “View Products” to learn more about the product, save for later, or go ahead and purchase. Especially since Reels are pushed out on both the Explore page and the new Reels tab on the main navigation bar, users who don’t follow you will see your content — this is huge. If a user is interested in the products, they can tap “View Products” to learn more about the product, save for later, or go ahead and purchase.

While we aren’t sure how the Instagram Reels algorithm works just yet, it’s a good idea to use hashtags and descriptive captions to let Instagram know what you’re talking about.

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7. Increase sales by improving your connection with your followers

Reels make repurposing content easy, and followers are more engaged to listen to messages as a result of the content being more fun and engaging. The longer the followers stay connected, the more profound your connectivity will be, which is a great way to convert to sales.

Reels are not just for TikTok-loving teenagers or millennials. While Instagram Reels may have extra appeal to the younger crowd, don’t underestimate the power across audiences. No matter what your age, Reels will be powerful to grab attention and quickly convey whatever message you’re sending. Its short 15-second framework makes it easily digestible and highly addictive.

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