How to increase blog traffic for free?

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Promoting your blog posts may be a grind. There are not any silver bullets, quick fixes, magic “traffic” tricks. Yes, there are a few tricks which you have to buy, but they will get quite expensive.

Well, certain hacks can assist you to get a start. The better part about them is, they’re all free!

How to increase blog traffic?

We understand how critical the answers to the above question is. So, we’ve listed a few proven tactics to grow your blog traffic faster.

In this modern era, anyone who knows these tricks is going to be within the lead.

Let’s Start!

1. Create evergreen content for your blog

Writing on topics that users will need for a short time is one great way to make sure you get higher blog traffic. Learn to spot the recurring questions people ask today or need help with all the time.

Topics on how to increase blog & website visitors or how to download a video are common. Remember, we sleep in a fast-paced world. Here, internet users look for information on blogs to assist them to advance that speed. Don’t slow them down with posts on old topics that would have overlooked or moved on from. Instead, write on trending topics or recent happenings that people likely search for.

People will look for SEO techniques, hacks or methods in 2021 instead of checking out SEO in 2008. So, choose your topics wisely!

2. Write a catchy headline

The title or headline of any blog post is the most vital factor. It is because humans check out the headline first then plan to read the article.

Always remember that folks like to read list posts. Attempt to use the amount in your headline, then write in-depth content.

Example of list posts:

  • 5 effective ways to urge more search traffic
  • 7 killer ways to enhance your blog traffic
  • 12 Awesome SEO Tips and Tricks That’ll Boost Your Rankings

3. Optimize your posts for search engines

It serves a multi-fold purpose. It will make the article easier to seek out by the searcher and more apparent to detect by the search engines. Optimized posts end in a better ranking which is superior to extend traffic. Writing quality content with influential Titles and Meta descriptions help generate optimized posts.

Don’t forget to research and also review your writing to make crisp content. Adding necessary keywords is usually a great idea too!

4. Target long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are those 3 to 4 keyword phrases. These are very specific to whatever you are selling to your customer. The game of keywords is outspoken, which includes words you think that people will look for. What’s tricky is including most of it in your blog and not compromising on quality.

Often writers tend to offer the very best priority to keywords. But the post will be the block of meaningless text.

Also, search engines have trapped so, so it’s not a sensible option. Instead, write long-tailed keywords to incorporate the foremost in one compact sentence.
For instance:

‘best perfumes’ will offer you less search traffic than ‘best perfumes of 2014.’
It is because you included a bigger set of words that will relate to what people look for.

5. Take part in Question and Answer sites

Let’s ask ourselves a question: How to increase blog viewers?

Answer: Attend Yahoo or Quora. Start answering whatever questions you’ll relate to your blogs and post a link to your blog. It is the best advertising as individuals watching one another and asking questions. If someone likes your answer, they’re bound to visit your blog to find out more.

Tap into these Q&A sites and help people. They’re going to offer you what you would like reciprocally.

6. Internal link to your old blog posts

Once you’ve captured a reader by a post, your aim must be to never allow them to go. Arranging links to guide them further into the web site towards your older blog posts is a great way. It will gain the attention of the reader and thus, improve blog traffic.

7. Promote on social media

Every internet user has a social media account.
Promoting your articles on social media is like a horn to their online doorstep. Every interested one that comes across your article link on social media is sure to click it. Yet, it will increase traffic!

Conclusion: Over to you!

We are training many business owners and marketers. We know what proportion of work brings traffic to your blog post. There are not any silver bullets or secrets to great marketing. You only need to embrace the grind.
Follow these proven tips or hacks. We hope that even together with your busy schedule, you’ll have time to market your killer blog posts so that they get the eye they deserve.


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