How to Use Social Media for Business


How Businesses Use Social Media for Business

Before social media marketers approached their customers in a very informal way. They didn’t have such open access to their audience as they do now. Earlier marketing was limited to newspapers, magazines, and billboards. However, now marketers can reach their audience right through their phones. This is why marketers had to change to a more personal approach.

Today marketing is all about engagement and transparency between the brand and its clients. The distance between a company and its buyers has reduced so drastically that it’s become all about building a relationship and less about product selling.  Let’s see How to Use Social Media for Business.

The Beginning

In 2006, Social media arrived with a bang!

Google took over YouTube for $1.6 Billion. Facebook and Twitter joined the scene and that’s the birth of Social Media as we know it today.

Soon after Facebook became the 3rd most popular site on the web. Its most advertised boon was that it could connect you to your friends and family world over. In a world where there were only phones and the post before that, Facebook was a welcome way to connect with loved ones across borders.

How to Use Social Media for Business

Twitter had a very unique approach in this regard. While Facebook had restrictions to who could view your content, Twitter offered freedom. Anyone on Twitter could see what you posted and respond to it instantly. It also helped people communicate with brands and celebrities like it never had before and the floodgates had opened.

By now brands had come to realize the great opportunity that had knocked on their door and they grabbed onto it with both hands. This is how Social Media Marketing began.


Almost every business big or small is online today. Marketing online includes competitor analysis, lead generation, content creation, engagement, Customer acquisition, customer retention, branding, and so much more. Moreover, using social media marketing for business is much more cost-effective than traditional methods of marketing and yields better results too.

Apart from just Facebook and Twitter, there are so many other social media platforms that have not only risen to fame but have stayed consistently at the top. Some of the most famous social media platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, Tok-Tok, and Linked In.

social media for business chart of social platform

Another more recent form of social media marketing is influencer marketing. Those who have a huge following on these social media sites have brands collaborating with them to market their products.

Picture for influencer marketing

This works very well since people tend to make purchases more easily from the people they follow on such social media because they trust these influencers. If marketed right, these influencers can help this trust translate to the brand.

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Social media has changed marketing in 3 specific ways

It has changed targeting

Earlier we needed to survey the magazines or newspapers or the target audience would read to publish an ad. However, now all we have to do is get on these social media sites and meet them where they already are.

Snapshot of target ads

We can literally target anyone who is online based on their gender, age, locality, marital status and more. Unlike before we don’t need to try to figure out what our audience is doing, watching or reading to make our presence known there. All we have to do is simply decide what ad we want to post and set the demographics. The ad will automatically reach the target group we specify.

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Knowledge of our audience needs to be detailed

The targeting demographics has become much more detailed and layered. We can target our ads not only to those of a certain age or gender, we can also target specific income groups and even their interests. It ensures a greater ROI because you are targeting people who will actually interact, engage and even purchase your product.

Graphics need to grab attention.

The downside of ads on social media is that it’s so frequent that it ends up getting much more competitive than it would have been in traditional media. It is estimated that 1 in every 4 posts on Instagram or facebook is an ad. Which means the content that we use whether in image or video format has to be so eye-catching that the audience has a reason to stop and view our ad.

Eye catching graphics creative

The secret recipe to success in Social Media advertising is Graphic design – that has a good quality and is eye-catching, Copy – that grabs your audience’s attention and targets the right audience.

Here are 5 tips on How to Use Social Media for Business .


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Any change that you make on your website so as to make you rank higher on the search results page is called Search Engine Optimization.

One of the key things you need to know to rank higher is to use the relevant keywords in your website or blog title, and write a keyword-rich meta description to let the people and the search engine know what your website is all about so that when someone searches for something that you are offering it can appear higher up on the search results page.

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Brand Awareness

Social media can help you create brand awareness among your prospective customers. The best part about using social media for business is that you can market your brand in a very cost effective way.
You need to create relevant content on your profile pages so that your audience can relate to you as a brand. Your content needs to be catchy yet true to your brand’s overall belief.

You can either create your own content in-house or you can syndicate content. But either ways you need to regularly update your customers of new changes or products or events that are taking place in relation with your brand.
You also need to constantly keep your audience engaged. This will help them relate with you on a more personal level.

Encourage conversation

Having a strong social media presence can help you generate meaningful and engaging conversations around your brand and products. This is exactly what you want to achieve and you must make sure you never miss an opportunity to talk directly to your audience.

Picture of conversation between brands and their audience via comments and social media tools

Statistics show that when a brand responds to its customer’s queries and comments, the customer starts having a positive impression of the brand.
Therefore, try as much to engage with your audience on a one on one basis.

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Customer Service

Keeping social media as an open door to have your customers reach out to you – is a wise way to handle customer feedback on your products or services. If a client has negative feedback it’s always great to give them a gift card or a coupon that they can redeem at any of your stores, to let them know that you truly are sorry for their inconvenience.

Make sure that your responses are swift and pleasant. If you keep a customer waiting for a couple of days for a response from you it’s only going to trigger a negative impression of you. This could reflect badly on your brand.

Build brand loyalty.

Many people on social media engage with brands that they admire. It’s more probable for people to buy products from you over your competitors if they can relate and have a pleasant conversation with you.

To keep your audience engaged, implement a good marketing strategy that includes offers, schemes, contests, coupons, etc through your social media marketing channels.

You can also take surveys and polls etc from your audience and understand how you can better improve your products and services.

If you can actually implement this customer feedback it will make them feel valued and there is a big chance that the customer loyalty for your brand will increase.


Social Media has come a long way and it’s ever-evolving. Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy for business is very common among all brands today. If we really want to make the best of it, we will need to stay on top of every new feature, algorithm, and trend that surfaces in this digital world.

Every social media platform – be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Tok-Tok, Or Snapchat – They now have building relationships at the center of their marketing approach. That is How to Use Social Media for Business

If you can make your audience feel valued, listened to, and appreciated – you will win this social media race to fame.


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